Krav Maga Network

KRAV MAGA NETWORK is an international organisation uniting some of the world's most elite self-defense instructors towards one goal - to return and revive the roots of Krav Maga. The founders of Krav Maga Network are:

  • Jyrki Saario - Master Instructor, Director of Training (the first IKMF instructor in Europe, master instructor of the Finnish Krav Maga Federation);
  • Istvan Nagy - International Instructor, Black belt II dan in Krav Maga (precursor Krav Maga in Hungary, chief instructor in Poland).
  • Laszló Tóth - International Instructor, Black belt II dan in Krav Maga (precursor of Krav Maga in Hungary, owner of the largest martial arts center in Central Europe) and

Currently Krav Maga Network unites more than 60 instructors from five European countries.

In order to prepare for the dangers of the modern world we teach how to live safely, predict and recognize hostile situations while maintaining discipline under pressure. Preventing acts of violence, dealing with physical assaults, developing an impressive fitness level - these are some of the most important parts of the training program we offer. We welcome everyone to join and train with us, regardless of age, sex or physical fitness.