Below we present a few tips on accommodation available in Budapest during the Fighting Fit Krav Maga Challenge competition.

1. "Spartan" style - sleeping bag on the mat in the aTerem martial arts center - the place where the seminar and competition will take place: 5 EUR/night
2. Hotel Premium Apartman - close to the martial arts center - (15 minutes on foot): price around 20 EUR/person, depending on the number of people per apartment -
3. Double room in Hotel Szonyi - high standard, close to the martial arts center (25 minutes on foot, 8 minutes by car), price with breakfast: 25 EUR/person -
4.Gerand Hotel Goliat is also nearby (25 minutes on foot, 5 minutes by car), which can be an attractive option: 20-25 EUR for 2 people -

It may be a good idea to look around for additional accommodation on one's own:)

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