Imi Lichtenfeld's Memorial- Fighting Fit Krav Maga Challenge – 23-24.05.2015 Budapest

On the 24th of May (Sunday), right before the birthday of Imi Lichtenfeld (26.05.1910) - the creator of Krav Maga, for the first time in history the "Fighting Fit Krav Maga Challenge - An Imi Lichtenfeld's Memorial" will take place in Budapest. This place was chosen intentionally, as it is the city, in which Imi Lichtefeld was born.

On the 23rd of May we organize a Krav Maga seminar, lasting 6 hours and lead by Master Jyrki Saario. Master Saario will present the tactics and techniques of hand-to-hand combat used in sports and on the streets. The participants will have the opportunity to test the obstacle course and get used to the form of the competition. The seminar will be open to participants as well as spectators of the competition. The 30 EUR fee covers the seminar and competition attendance (as a participant or spectator).



Filling out the application form is necessary to participate in the competition 

Details of the event:
Place: aTerem - Martial Arts Centre, Budapest, XIII. ker. Jász u. 112
Date: 23-24, May, 2015; 10:00 am
Time: 10:00am
Cost: 30 EUR
Application: Fill out the application form

Additional information:


We invite Krav Maga adepts from all over the world, regardless of the represented federation.

General rules of the FFKMC championship:

The competition is sporting in character and its goal is to select the best Krav Maga adepts from the participants. The competitors will be divided in to the following weight categories:


Expertise category
- student
- instructor

Age category:
- 18-40 years
- 40 years

Weight categories for women:
- lightweight: less than 60 kg
- mediumweight: 60-65 kg
- heavyweight/OPEN: 65 kg

Weight categories for men:
- lightweight: less than 60 kg
- welterweight: 60-70 kg
- mediumweight: 71-80 kg
- heavyweight: 81-90 kg
- super-heavyweight: 91 kg


The contenders will be divided into pairs at random. The winner advances to  the next round.

Every round consists of two parts.


The first part is a test of physical endurance based in the physical fitness program of the
IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). Its goal is to navigate the following obstacle course in the
shortest possible time:

- burpees - 10 repetitions
- 40m run with an obstacle (1m high)
- sit-ups - 10 repetitions
- 40m run with an obstacle (1m high)
- knuckle push-ups - 10 repetitions
- 40m run with an obstacle (1m high)
- horizontal ladder (4m long, 40cm between rungs) - if the competitor falls of the ladder, the exercise needs to be repeated from the beginning

Time limit: 90 seconds
The contender, who completes the course first may rest, while the opponent finishes.


The second part is contact combat, in which the contenders fight along the rules of Fighting Fit.
Before the fight the referee will check the equipment of both contenders (mouthpiece, body armor, helmet, groin and leg protectors, boxing gloves)

Techniques allowed during combat
- blows to the head and body (fists only)
- body kicks and lowkicks
Time limit: 90 seconds


One can win by knockout, when the opponent gives up or by the verdict of the referee. In case of a draw, the winner is the participant with the shortest time during the first part of the round.
Warnings are issued for using non-permitted techniques or for turning back from the opponent.


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