The base of our material is Colonel David Ben-Asher`s “Fighting Fit” book that is about the original, classic version of Krav Maga. Colonel Ben-Asher used to be the head of hand-to-hand combat training and physical education of the Israeli Defence Forces. The first level of the Classic Krav Maga Network instructor grading system is the “Group Leader”. There will be a grading at the end of the course and requirements of a successful pass are:

➡ Movements: strong fighting stance, movements in fighting stance, falls and get ups

➡ Attacks: basic attacks performed with hands.

➡ Defences: basic defences against punches and strikes.

➡ The understanding of the basics of a fight: observation, dealing with stress, decision, escape techniques

Instructor: Jyrki Saario Master Instructor

A Group Leader is an instructor who can teach beginner groups.

The details of the instructor course are: Reading, UK 25-29 April 2018
Schedule: 9am – 5pm (including 1 hour lunch break)
Location: Meadway Leisure Centre
Address: Conwy Close, reading, RG30 4PZ

More information about the course: or

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